Accommodation buildings from Adapteo

Just like at home

Whether you need accommodation facilities for students, construction workers, elderly people, or, for example, people whose apartment is under renovation, Adapteo provides cozy and home-like buildings for accommodation quickly and safely.

From studios to family apartments

Adapteo’s adaptable buildings can have all kinds of apartments, from studios to large family apartments. The apartments also have all the rooms that you need for every day living: bedrooms, well-equipped kitchen, bathroom, living room and hallway. All the apartments are cosy, inviting and full of natural light.

Just like a any other building

Adapteo’s adaptable buildings can have 1–3 stories, with an elevator and a stairway. Both temporary and permanent solutions also fulfill all the same building regulations as traditional permanent buildings.

Comfortable living in a traditional environment

One of our main priorities is to offer healthy and safe accommodation. Ideal indoor environment, created by balanced air conditioning, heating, lighting and sound environment, is always set to the optimal level so that the residents would feel as comfortable as possible in their new home.

Perfect solution when you need high-quality accommodation quickly

Adapteo’s rental solutions are the perfect answer when you are in need of quality accommodation facilities on a tight schedule. They are also perfect in a situation, where the need is only temporary. You can rent the building for as long as you need. And if situations change, the adaptable building and rental agreement can be adapted to your new needs.

Green living

All Adapteo’s accommodation buildings are an example of sustainable building. After you don’t need the space anymore, we take it away and re-use it somewhere else. The building units are well insulated and designed for the Nordic climate conditions. And inside the buildings, we use low-emitting building materials.

Easy budgeting and worry-free maintenance

Adapteo’s accommodation facilities are a cost-effective way of getting new space. If you choose a rental solution it will also provide freedom from unexpected building related expenses and building maintenance obligations. During the rental period, we offer a professional maintenance service.

Want to learn more about our buildings for accommodation? 

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