Buildings for daycare from Adapteo

Buildings for daycare were play and learing are in focus

A good day for a child in daycare consists of playing, learning, sleeping, and eating tasty meals. Buildings for daycare centers have to include space for all of these functions. Adapteo knows how to provide it. Adapteo’s daycare buildings are, first and foremost, safe and healthy, and provide a bright and secured future for the youngest ones of our society.

Spacious rooms with space for both play and crafts

Safe and pleasant enviroment

Premises adjusted to your needs

Pleasant and safe buildings - with the children in focus

We offer adaptable buildings for the little ones in our society. Our buildings are based on modular and circular construction technology. Depending on your terms, they can be adapted to your specific needs – Whether you need to expand, renovate, move, or for something else, adaptable buildings for daycare centres provide suitable functions.

Children can engage in play and learning in safe and secure environments in our daycares. With spacious activity rooms that invite to play and with a top-class indoor climate, the daycare becomes a journey of discovery for the youngest.

Sustainable daycare buildings

Creating value in society

Sustainability is at the core of our business at Adapteo. Our buildings are used, again and again, creating a circular flow with minimized waste. With flexible and adaptable solutions Adapteo can meet customer needs with existing modular building units that are refurbished and rented out over and over. With our industrial building technique, we limit manufacturing waste and work to increase the use of recycled and reused materials and components in our new production and refurbishments.

New or existing buildings for daycare

This is how it works

this is how it works with buildings for daycare

We have a solution, whether you need to complement an existing daycare or build a completely new one. Your situation is unique, which is why we adapt both the rental method and the financing model accordingly and ensure that you get the optimal solution for your particular business.

Why choose Adapteo for your daycare buildings?


Flexibility is the foundation of our concept and prepares you for change.

Tailor-made setup

Whether for a few months or indefinitely - you choose what suits you best.

Highest quality

We think you deserve the very best. That is why we only deliver the highest quality.

Different daycare facilities



Entry halls

Kitchen and dining facilities

Staff lounges

Toilets and shower rooms

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