Elderly care buildings

All-inclusive adaptable buildings for elderly care

We offer premises for elderly care and apartments for elderly people with different requirements. Adapteo’s adaptable buildings for elderly care include both ordinary living apartments as well as facilities for more exhaustive elderly care.

Accessible buildings

Safety for the residents and staff

Cost effective solution

Traditional apartments for independent living

For elderly people who are in good health and able to live independently at home, Adapteo offers apartment buildings with comfortable and pleasant apartments. In addition to individual homes, the buildings can include different shared spaces such as common living rooms, bathing and laundry areas as well as a dining hall.

When the residents need more care, but are still able to live independently, the buildings can be adapted to include areas for nursing staff. Offices, break rooms, locker rooms and professional kitchen facilities can easily be included in the adaptable building.

Buildings for traditional nursing homes

Adapteo also provides traditional nursing homes for short term use, long term leasing or purchase. They can for example, include individual apartments or rooms with a common corridor, shared bathing areas, administrative facilities, doctors and nurses’ offices, comfortable dining areas and common areas for crafts, exercise and music. The facilities are always adapted to the needs of the user.

Accessible buildings

Both the apartment buildings and nursing homes can be built up to 3 stories. To make the buildings accessible, there are elevators and ramps that fulfill all accessibility standards. In addition, it’s possible to build the interior without any thresholds or with accessible thresholds.

Along the corridors, extra railings can be added for extra support. To avoid slipping and falling, the interior floor covering is non-slippery and durable vinyl.

Safety for the residents and staff

Especially in nursing homes that treat patients with memory disorders, it’s important to create a safe environment for the both residents and staff. Well planned access control, electronic and automatic locking systems and escape doors ensure safe and seamless everyday life.

In addition to locking systems and access control, Adapteo’s buildings fulfil all fire safety regulations and requirements.

This is how it works

We have a solution, whether you need to complement an existing daycare or build a completely new one. Your situation is unique, which is why we adapt both the rental method and the financing model accordingly and ensure that you get the optimal solution for your particular business.

Why choose Adapteo?


Flexibility is the foundation of our concept and prepares you for change

Tailor-made setup

Whether for a few months or indefinitely - you choose what suits you best

Highest quality

We think you deserve the very best. That is why we only deliver the highest quality

Our elderly care facilities include

Apartments or rooms for accommodation

Bathing and laundry areas

Doctor's and nurse's facilities

Proffessional kitchen and dining rooms


Receational space

Shared living rooms

Reception area

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