A shift is needed to build more sustainable societies – flexibility can be a key.

Buildings tailored for societal needs

The flexible city that prepares us for the future

Our vision of sustainable and future-proof urban planning is a city where one-fifth consists of adaptable buildings.

Why should future city planning be flexible?

Digitalization, climate crisis, pandemic… over the past 30 years, we have seen changes that were expected to be years ahead. Our cities are not keeping up. A flexible urban environment could provide its population with a dynamic city that grows and changes according to people’s needs. We believe that just a flexible share of 10-20% can make all the difference. Together with BSK Arkitekter, we have written a report on how a flexible city and society can work. Learn more about the flexible city below.


The flexible city

  • Dynamic for a changing future
  • Adapted to be reused  
  • Complements the static cityscape
  • Tailored for societies needs

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