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Flexible financing

The ideal financing setup differs from customer to customer. That is why we offer financial freedom with a variety of alternatives so that you can find the most suitable solution for you and the current situation.

Are you unsure what is the best solution for you at the moment? Read more about each option below so you might have a better view of what suits your situation. Still unsure? We are here to help and support you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Why rent your building?

If you are in need of extra space temporarily, renting an adaptable building from Adapteo gives you the space you need far more quickly than a new permanent building. Since you don’t have to invest heavily in the walls of a permanent building, this will free capital for your core investments. When renting an adaptable building, you free yourself also from the obligations of building maintenance.

Why own your building?

Prefabricated permanent buildings from Adapteo can be built in less time than when using traditional construction methods. This is since prefabricated buildings are built in controlled indoor environment, with few interruptions, and then assembled on the construction site. The onsite construction time is very short, keeping operational disruptions to a minimum. Our designs are adaptable and flexible, so together during the planning phase we will make sure to find the best type of solution for you and your needs. If your situation changes over time, there is a possibility to move the building if so needed.

Why lease your building?

It is not always easy to know if current needs will still apply in ten years’ time. Building new premises when the future is uncertain can involve a huge financial risk. Consequently, we offer operational leasing as an alternative to purchasing our buildings. The portability and flexibility of our building technology make this possible. Normal lease periods are between three and ten years, and you can subsequently acquire the building, extend, or terminate the agreement.

Why choose Adapteo?


Flexibility is the foundation of our concept and prepares you for change.

Tailor-made setup

Whether for a few months or indefinitely - you choose what suits you best.

Highest quality

We think you deserve the very best. That is why we only deliver the highest quality.

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